Paleontology journal policies

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This is a list of pre-print, post-print, and VOR self-archiving policies for journals that publish peer reviewed Paleontology research. A full version of the database is maintained here. It is free for anyone to edit, and will automatically update the table below with changes. Please note that many journals do not have explicit self-archiving policies. Where this is the case, we are currently working with those journals to develop them.


Image credit: Ryan Regier, CC BY. Book image by Benny Forsberg.

Also included are data on whether or not a journal has a 'Gold Open Access' option (including 'hybrid' journals), and the APC for this (VAT excluded), should there be one.

Additional information

The greatest effort has been exercised to maintain the accuracy of the information here. However, there might be errors as journal policies are updated through time. If there are data missing or incorrect in the table below, please feel free to edit them yourself. You can also alert us and we will update accordingly.

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