paleorXiv Diversity Statement

Capturing a broad spectrum of interest and experiences will help paleorXiv consider and include the full Paleontology community. An essential step to achieving this objective is to ensure broad and intersectional diversity in staffing its Steering Committee.

Paleontology research is conducted by people of a diverse range of demographics and psychographics, including gender identities, sexual orientations, racial and cultural backgrounds, abilities, religions, ages, career stages and fields, and socioeconomic and immigration statuses. These intersectional identities impact on how research is conducted, data analyzed, and results shared. We recognize that a diverse and inclusive scientific community asks a broader range of questions yet also faces different barriers to participating in Paleontology. By listening to diverse voices, we will be rewarded by a greater understanding of our world.

In an effort to represent and include the broadest possible spectrum of geoscientists, paleoarXiv is committed to the following objectives in forming its Steering Committee:

It is our hope that meeting all these objectives within the current 7-person Steering Committee will subsequently include a range of intersectional identities to further enhance our understanding. We recognize that we may not always achieve all of these objectives, and will be as transparent as possible about our effectiveness within the confines of respecting the privacy of our Steering Committee members.

We also recognize we may not yet be considering all aspects of how identity shapes the science that we do. We further commit to continuing to learn and adapt how we define and include diverse populations in response to the needs of our greater community.

If you are interested in joining the Steering Committee, please contact us here.